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TPP #028: My Copywriting Implementation Strategy for Twitter & LinkedIn

TPP #028: My Copywriting Implementation Strategy for Twitter & LinkedIn
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This week, we're cracking open a fresh can of copywriting.

As I spent the week consuming content from the internet's most popular creators, my passion for copywriting on social media was rekindled.

Specifically, I'm talking about Twitter & LinkedIn.

The two heavyweights of the text-based platforms. They drive more newsletter subscriptions, more course sales, and fuel more writing businesses than any other corner of the internet.

And I've said this before: I'm not in the business of wasting time.

Let's go...

💥 The Impact of Quality Copywriting

Let me ask you.

Have you ever struggled to get good engagement on social media?

You may have faced a few common frustrations:

  • No likes
  • No replies
  • No followers

It's possible that you've been shouting into the void for quite some time.


Dare I say... Years?

It's painstakingly brutal. But fear not, because I'm about to share my strategies that'll run your readers down the rabbit hole.

You ready?

How about that for some engaging copy?

Not sure if you noticed, but the entire intro of this section is exactly what I do on a smaller scale with my social media posts.

Do you know which framework I used?

PAS → Problem, Agitate, Solution

In my (unimportant) opinion, PAS is the best copywriting framework out there for social media specifically.

It's short, easy to use, and fits like a glove into our character-restricted world. The most popular creators online use it all the time. I bet you haven't even noticed (that means it's working).

I'll share an example from my own content.

📲 PAS in Action

Here's a snippet from my LinkedIn account.

I really like to take advantage of copywriting frameworks particularly on LinkedIn for 2 main reasons:

  1. Above-the-fold content
  2. More writing real estate

Since the audience is prompted to click "see more" in order to view the rest of our writing, it's imperative that we give them a compelling reason to do so.

Copywriting is perfect for that.

On the other side of the coin, when compared to a platform like Twitter, we have way more room to work with. We can really double down on the psychology by using the additional space.

With that said, you can still absolutely crush it on Twitter with copywriting.

Here's a visual breakdown of how I used PAS:

After I present the "solution" I pretty much double down on the benefits.

You can:

  • Motivate
  • Inspire
  • Excite

Have fun with it!

The more emotional you make the reader feel, the more they'll resonate.

And at the end of the day, that's what you and I are after, right? Because the more we resonate, the more trust we build.

The more trust we build, the more money we make!

And that's the essence of a true Profiting Publisher...

🎁 In Summary

Whenever you can, sprinkle in some copywriting on social media.

The dopamine dump that comes with a successful post is pretty cool. And it really makes a difference when people read your content.

Here's a gallery of some great examples to inspire you.

I hope these encourage you to start using more copywriting on your own.


"Good artists copy, great artists steal"

Whenever you find yourself stuck, without knowing what to write, I highly recommend you go search for some awesome examples of popular social media posts, or come back to this issue and re-read this gallery.

I guarantee you'll be overflowing with ideas afterward.

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