Let's start with this.

I'm Joseph. A digital writer, creator, blah blah blah... I won't bore you with self-claimed credentials. Just see my story ↓
Let's start with this.

🎉 It was the literal start of 2022.

New Year's Eve.

My friends were out. Buying drinks. Kissing girls. Having fun...

And I?

I was on the couch, in the same spot as always. Pretending not to notice the rut that was forming not only in the furniture but the fabric of my life.

This wasn't one of my wildest nights...

I was home, writing an article about Jiu-Jitsu. No real reason.

Decided to post it on Medium.

All I heard were crickets...

I never knew the chirps of silence could sound so loud. Funny how that is.

And to make matters worse, I kept posting more. Only to see a similar response. Silence. I thought my stories sucked (they did).

It wasn't until the 10th post that I hit the "jackpot."

"My Secret Superpower For Ultimate Self Improvement"
Back of Hercules in main square in Florence, Italy.
Photo by Simone Pellegrini / Unsplash

A must-click, wouldn't you say?

It got accepted into a publication with 400,000 followers. My writing career was about to kick off! And little did I know, it would spark something greater.

Feast your eyes on this:

Next thing you know I wrote 3 different Benjamin Franklins ($100 bills).

I knew I had to not only write for myself but write for the world.

For other people.

  • Brands
  • Bosses
  • Bigfoot

Didn't care...

I then made the horizontal hop to other social platforms.

Twitter and LinkedIn. The text-based story havens.

One year later (at the time of this writing) I continue to build my own brand, send a weekly newsletter, and freelance for anyone who's in need of my skills.

Here's the whole goal:

Everything I learn, I teach. And if you know anything about me at all, you know I'm obsessed with the acquisition of knowledge.

They say skills pay the bills, right?

That's precisely why I'm stacking as many as I can...

🤝 So, here's how I can help.

Order my services!

Write for me!

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