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This Storytelling Framework Sells Better Than Black Friday

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This week, we're learning how to tell a story.

But not just any typical tale. I'm talking about stories that sell. And to be ultra-specific, stories that sell more than your favorite store on a busy Black Friday.

Here's the thing:

A solid story can take your revenue from rags to riches (if you tell it right).


Most storytelling guides only focus on retaining the reader (which is good), without selling something at the end (which is terrible).

You and I want money, right?

After all, this is called The Profiting Publisher...

So let's learn how to tell a story worth its (digital) weight in gold.

🦸🏻‍♂️ The "Hero's Journey"

There once was a man by the name of Joseph Campbell.

A writer, mythologist, and professor. He was a fascinating fellow, popularized by his novel, "The Hero with a Thousand Faces."

In it, he discusses his theory of the typical "hero" and their journey as it's been seen across history and time.

It's a lucrative lesson for us modern entrepreneurs.

Let's begin.

The Call to Adventure

This is the beginning of the story.

Where your hero (product or service) is called to embark on a journey.

For example, you could write a Twitter Thread about why you decided to start offering your product or service. Maybe you encountered a problem. And now you want to solve it for others.

Don't overcomplicate this.

The Journey Begins

The hero sets out on their journey.

Talk about what you're doing.

The tasks
The doubts
The mistakes
The challenges

Give people a reason to be invested.

Why should they care about you, your product, or your service?

Tests, Allies, and Enemies

The hero encounters various characters.

People who help or hinder their progress. Along your entrepreneurial journey, you'll find many of these "characters".

You'll find haters
You'll meet friends
You'll have mentors
You'll make enemies

There's no avoiding this.

It's your job to tell those stories and publish them in public.

The Approach

The hero prepares for a major challenge or conflict.

  • Your launch day
  • That important sales call
  • The exit of your biggest project

Whatever it is, you'll have to prepare. And with the help of your allies, the ones you've found along the way, there will be triumphs to tell.

Secrets to share. Case studies to reveal.

The Ordeal

The hero faces their greatest challenge yet.

They're forced to face their biggest fears and weaknesses.

What are these for you? In the face of your biggest challenge, how will you respond and show the world (your audience) that you not only face the same obstacles but will no doubt overcome them?

The entrepreneur's road is full of cracks and bumps.

You need to share how you're paving the way. This is essential.

The Reward

The hero emerges victorious from the ordeal and receives a reward.

For the "hero," it could be power, knowledge, or recognition. For the entrepreneur, it could be revenue, testimonials, or an exit.

Results drive more results.

The more you share, the more competence you'll prove.

The Road Back

The hero begins the journey back to their starting point.

Facing new challenges and obstacles.

Think about this. As a creator (after having some success) you have new responsibilities. And with great power, comes great responsibility.

How will you manage your newfound success?
Do you have what it takes to sustain longevity?

Share how you plan to keep it going.

The Resurrection

The hero faces a final, climactic challenge that tests their newfound knowledge.

You're facing burnout.
You're feeling so close yet so far.
You're experiencing the true toll of success.

This final challenge is the perfect place to stop and share.

It shows that no one is perfect and will serve as motivation for someone two steps behind you.

The Return with the Elixir

The hero returns home.

They are transformed by their journey and share their knowledge.

Here, you could write about the things you wish you had known at the start. Since you've gone through such a transformation, share your best learnings with the people who haven't been faced with them yet.

That's valuable.

💯 Making the Sale

As an entrepreneur, you must understand one thing.

This "story," is stretched across the fabric of time. You can't just share it all in one go. You have to live it and share along the way.

Selling at every step.

This framework should tell you which stories to share. That's the hard part.

Selling is quite easy (yet everyone leaves this out). With a clear CTA (call-to-action), you can drive people toward your offer at their most emotional moment.

Because stories sell. And this one will do better than your favorite store on a busy Black Friday, trust me.

See you next Saturday.

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Joseph Seifert
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