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Unlimited Content Glitch: How To Never Run Out Of Writing

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This week, we're gonna kit you out with a system that never fails.

Because let's be honest, content creation can feel like a never-ending race. The moment you stop speaking to your audience, it's as if you no longer exist.

A system that allows you to consistently generate ideas is vital.

The problem is, most people offer systems that fizzle in a few months and turn into content recyclers. That's not what we want.

The system I'm about to show you is truly an unlimited content glitch.

🛠 Let's Talk Tools

First, we need to arm you with some software.

Here's what you'll need (they're both free):

  1. Notion
  2. Save to Notion (Notion Saver)

Download Notion if you haven't already, and install the "Save to Notion" extension from the Chrome Web Store. You'll then need to connect it to your Notion workspace so that you can save content.

This is how we'll find unlimited content.

⚙️ The System

The system itself is actually quite simple.

It's based on "content templatization."

This is a very common practice among top writers. I've been doing it for a while, but in combination with these tools, it's like we're on steroids.

Step 1

The first thing you need to do is actually find a solid piece of content.

Take this Tweet from Justin Welsh for example. I think I could take this template and use it with my own niche. When a Tweet catches your eye, click the Save to Notion extension.

You'll see a window that looks like this.

If you have tags with categories on your Notion workspace as I do, choose a category and click "Clip Page."

This is what you'll see in Notion.

If you do this for 30 minutes every day as you engage on the timeline, you should have a full Notion page without about 15-30 great pieces of content (per day).

The goal is to have "templates" that we can draw from whenever we need.

Step 2

This is where we'll extract the template.

We can't just steal writing from other people. But what we can do, is take out their words and keep the structure.

Set aside an additional 30 minutes in your calendar to "templatize" and maybe even organize these templates in a separate Notion page.

Now, whenever you need content, you can use these outlines in your writing.

It's genius.

Step 3

You're not only repeating this process over and over.

You should also be creating your very own templates to add to your arsenal. This will ensure that you aren't sounding like everybody else.

I like to use ChatGPT to help me create variations of my past posts and generate templates from my top performers.

Twemex is a fantastic tool for finding the best content.

When you really get this down, you start to see that it truly is unlimited. When people are constantly posting every single day, and so are you, there is an endless pool of ideas to pick from.

I recommend you find the best ones and forge them to your liking.

That is how you never run out of writing.

See you next week.

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