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TPP #027: The Fast Track to Get Paid Writing (That Most Can't Comprehend)

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This week, we're discussing the most efficient way to get paid as a writer.

But be ready to hold your swing, I'm throwing a curveball at you. In terms of monetization, there's something you should know.

And I don't think you'll be happy about it.

Most people aren't...

(But you're not most people).

🆓 Give Away 99% of Your Writing

Before you pick up your pitchfork, hear me out for a second.

"What!? How am I supposed to make any money if I'm giving everything away for free? You're dumb! Unsubscribed!"

Glad we got that out of our system, moving on...

Free digital content is actually the key to monetization. But most digital writers have a big problem with this.

They automatically assume that since they took the time to write, it should be worth something. It's a logical thought process, I'll admit. But monetization hinges upon one key variable.


And the more of it you give away for free, the more you'll be seen as a reliable source. This is also known as trust. It's essential.

Take the baker's benefit for example.

🥧 The Baker's Benefit

I recently shared this with my Twitter audience.

Picture this...

You fumble your keys, finally sinking the jagged edges in their place. As the door swings open—bells above your head—the scent of Semolina enters your nose. Your staff is in the basement baking bread.

Business has been good, so you hand out a pie here and there.

For free...

People love the pie! So much so, that they're always asking for the recipe.

Your cashier questions you.

"Why would you give away the pie for free? They're easily worth $40 each!

You smile and respond.

"When people love the pie, they come back for the recipe."

✍🏼 What This Means For Us Writers

I hope you enjoyed that little story of the baker and his pie.

Do you see the connection between baking and writing? In case not, I'll tell you.

When you consistently put out valuable content for free, people eventually come back for the "recipe." AKA, the implementation. How you do, what you do.

Charge them for the implementation.

This can live in the form of a course, eBook, Notion document, anything.

On top of the fact that you've provided value for maybe months at this point, you've built the trust over time which makes them much more willing to pull out their wallet.

And to take this one step further?

Continuing with the bakers analogy, they might even pay for time with the chef.

That's you.

And in our world (of digital writing), this is what's known as consulting calls. You charge people for your time and the advice you'll be providing.

It's the same as a chef showing you how to bake.

But here's the thing.

We never would've gotten here in the first place if we didn't gave away the pie...

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Written by
Joseph Seifert
Solopreneur → Writing my basket of businesses. Teaching the art of Thought Monetization.
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