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TPP #026: Stephen King's Writing Rule That'll Make You Millions

TPP #026: Stephen King's Writing Rule That'll Make You Millions
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This week, we're diving into the mind of (arguably) the greatest writer ever.

Stephen King.

As I thumbed through his book, "On Writing," he said something that stunned me. The phrase confirmed my understanding of this ancient art we call language. Brought me clarity to something I always believed, but couldn't put my finger on.

I guess it helps to have a legend in your corner.

Or on your bookshelf rather...

🧠 Writing = Telepathy

No, not literally.

But the way Mr. King put it nearly convinced me of its truth.

Think about it.

We're together, but we're not in the same room. Heck, we might not even be in the same country! Yet you can still hear my words.

You can still feel the emotion in my thoughts.

Isn't that wild?

It doesn't matter where we are. It doesn't matter when we're saying what we're saying. Almost as if these messages transcend space and time.

Look—here's a large oak desk. With a crackling fireplace in the background. On this sizable slab of oak, sits a silver laptop. Screen blaring bright. There's a Post-It note stuck to the left of the mouse pad with passwords on it. It's a yellow one.

Do we see the same thing?

If we sat in a room to compare, I bet we'd show something similar. But how? You may see a different shade of yellow than I do.

Is it yellow like a banana? Or does it have a burnt hue?

And the laptop.

Notice I didn't say it was a Samsung G08200 with the Intel core processor? I didn't mention it because I didn't need to. It doesn't matter.

We (as readers) don't care about that useless information.

We care about the vision.

📱 The Digital Age

Knowing you, I'd assume you're already pondering the potential of this concept.

The concept of telepathy.

Because when you can transmit your messages from across the world using digital leverage, that becomes powerful. Extremely powerful.

But what are the best ways to do it?

Good question, glad you asked. You see me use them on a daily (and in this case, weekly) basis. Allow me to provide a brief overview.

  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Newsletter

3 perfect entry points for any aspiring writer who wishes to use telepathy.


280 characters.

That's all you get. You may find it difficult, but Twitter will build your clarity. You'd be surprised how much of a punch you can pack with just 280 slots.

It's all about:

  • Whitespace
  • Bullet points
  • Quality hooks

If you can get people to run down your rabbit hole, you have a wonderful chance of converting them into a follower. This builds trust and online, trust is essential.


On the professional platform, you have a bit more room.

That's the main reason why I enjoy LinkedIn a lot. There's more space to transmit my messages. To have a telepathic conversation with a seemingly unlimited amount of people.

Plus, the audience on LinkedIn is a bit more, well...professional.

And that's not a knock on Twitter.

Before you start posting, know one thing:

LinkedIn has something called "above the fold" content. It's what everyone sees before they must click "see more." You need to make sure that you're altering your content with platform specificity.

The way you write on Twitter might not directly translate to LinkedIn.

All it takes is a couple tiny tweaks.


My favorite form of writing.

I come from a long-form background, which happens to align perfectly with a weekly newsletter. The amount of trust you can build with 500 words of wisdom is off the charts.

Most people struggle with building the habit and consistency of a weekly letter, but if you can manage it, I think it's the greatest thing for writers since the keyboard.

  1. Pick a topic you enjoy
  2. Write about it every day
  3. Post the best piece weekly

It's really that simple.

There's a market out there for everything these days.

And this is where you'll make your millions...

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Joseph Seifert
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