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TPP #024: My Writing Process for 100,000+ Monthly Internet Impressions

TPP #024: My Writing Process for 100,000+ Monthly Internet Impressions
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In today's issue, I'll share my process that brings in 100,000+ monthly internet impressions.

It's something that evolves over time, and will most likely continue to evolve.

With that said, the process that follows is meant to be simple, repeatable, and sustainable. That's the whole point, because if it isn't? You'll have a tough time maintaining results.

And I've done this for multiple months in a row now.

So, if attention is your goal, this is a great way to get some.

I hope it helps...

🧠 Quick Capture

Everything starts with capturing your thoughts.

I don't know about you, but I've had countless good ideas disappear into the abyss of my brain because I failed to capture them effectively. And of course, these ideas tend to strike when I'm out and about, with no screen in sight.

So, I built a system.

And it's stupid simple.

I love that line.

"You'd be surprised how quickly your genius evades you..."

Not only because it's true, but because if we dissect the issue, we can manufacture a mindless workaround.

Here's mine.

This is my "Quick Capture" Notion document.

You might be surprised by the simplicity. I told you, it's super simple! We don't want this to be complicated.

As a thought pops into my head, I jot it down.

No system, no templates, no nothing. Just a raw stream of thought. I've tied this Notion document to a widget on my phone so that wherever I am in the world, I have quick access to capture my "genius."

Most of my ideas come to me as I'm walking this little beauty.

No, that's not my hand...

📦 Packaging

This is where the ideas come to life.

And yes, now we can start to think about templates and systems. But don't overcomplicate this. All that matters is that you present your idea in a way that makes sense.

We want to resonate with the audience as much as we possibly can.

And the presentation is important.

This Tweet aims to deliver the weight of proper packaging.

Here's the reality.

Your idea could be a 10/10. But if the presentation is poor, it won't impact as many people. They might even scroll right past you.

And that's the opposite of what we want.

Proper packaging comes in a few different forms and there's really no right and wrong at the end of the day. What has worked for me is lots of white space to make it "easy on the eyes" and also bullets or arrows.

It just helps get the message across in a clean and understandable format.

In the era of digital writing, this stuff matters almost as much as the idea itself.

If you'd like to see countless examples, follow me on Twitter or LinkedIn.

♻ Repurposing️

So now we have our idea, and we've packaged it to perfection.

But as you know, there's a little something called platform specificity. What works for Twitter doesn't translate exactly to LinkedIn.

It's kind of like speaking a different language. Translations still make sense, but there are intricacies that change.

I'll give you a great example.

As you may know, LinkedIn has "above the fold" content.

It's what you see before you have to click "see more."

But Twitter doesn't have that. You can post within the character limit and everyone sees the entire piece of content. With more writing real estate on LinkedIn, that's not the case.

Repurposing is an art.

You must use creative copywriting to change the idea in such a way that it still delivers the same exact message while packaging it differently.

You'll quickly get the hang of this.

🎁 In Summary

If I could give you one piece of advice, It'd be this:

Simplicity succeeds.

I've built this "system" so that I can do it for the long haul. It's hardly even a system at all, that's precisely why I've dubbed it a process.

Here it is again:

  • Quick Capture
  • Packaging
  • Repurposing

This has helped me garner over 100,000 internet impressions. Monthly.

Sometimes it even gets close to 200,000.

And in 2023? I wouldn't be surprised if I had my first million month!

Only time will tell.

Happy New Year and stay safe tonight. See ya next week!

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Written by
Joseph Seifert
Solopreneur → Writing my basket of businesses. Teaching the art of Thought Monetization.
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