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TPP #022: Attract The Right Readers With My Magnetic Writing Method

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Online, here's what people tell you.

"Fit in. No, stand out! Wait, you should fit in by standing out!"


Ultimately, there's one thing that matters. One thing that—if done well—can shape the landscape in which you write.

Nail this, and your audience won't view you the same as the rest. They'll see you as an authority. A favorable figure. Someone unique.

And it's not even challenging to do.

In today's issue, I'm covering what I do to make my writing "magnetic."

🔥 The Elements

Just like any good recipe, there are multiple ingredients.

Several elements that—when combined in specific amounts—create something more valuable than before. The beautiful thing about writing is that we can "cook" with our words!

Using pen and paper. Fingers and keys.

I like to "cook" with 3 main ingredients.

Hooks catch fish

You don't have to be a fisherman to figure this one out.

Try fishing without a hook! Unless you're that kid I knew from middle school who fished with his bare hands, I don't think you'll have much success.

Now, hear this. "Hook" is a buzzword that gets thrown around a lot. A hook can be anything. Take a few examples:

  • Headlines
  • Thread hooks
  • Line 1 of a Tweet
  • Email subject lines
  • Speech introductions

The (cascading) list goes on. When you think about it for more than two TikToks, you realize that hooks are everywhere.

Are we really measuring time in TikToks now? Yeah...we are.

No matter what shape or form your writing takes, you must speak AT the viewer.

Notice how you subconsciously moved to line #2 after reading the first?

If you had no clue, that's good. That means it worked.

The goal is to make it so the reader has no idea they're being fed a script.

When we think about what copywriting really is, it's a script with a purpose. Its purpose is to string the reader along like we're holding their hand. You hear me say that all the time (if you've been paying attention)!

The reading process should feel natural. This shouldn't feel forced.

People are suckers for stories

When it comes to writing, your background is your best friend.

It gives the viewer a handle to hold. Experience paints pictures in the mind. It strengthens the connection between two parties.

Plus, stories are entertaining! And this is what few understand.

We must provide our life experiences in a way that'll benefit the reader. Don't tell your stories just to brag! No one likes a show-off.

I could explain this with ease, but I'd rather show you.

Here's me bragging:

I'm a state champion in two different sports. Not only that, but I did it in the most densely populated state in the USA. Here's how I did it...

Here's me saying it in a way that benefits you:

I'm a state champion in two different sports. As part of the most densely populated state in the USA, here's what it taught me about winning and working with teams...

See how I said the same thing but with two different frames?

We want to hear amazing accomplishments! But we only want to hear them to learn how someone did it, so we can too.

Readers are selfish, I know (I'll be the first to admit it).

Sell concept soup

Everyone talks about building an audience.

But...not everyone talks about building an audience for 9-5 nanny's looking to solidify their side hustles.

When you combine concepts (sell concept soup) you attract the ideal consumer.

You won't find Wall Street wannabes reading about nanny advice. And you wouldn't want that anyway, it's pointless! Those people won't read what you're writing and they definitely won't buy what you're selling.

Creativity is essentially just a remix of everything that's been said.

Find your track and start to be the DJ. People will listen.

🏷 The Category

The category discussion seems to be a never-ending debate.

I'm putting a stop to it right now.

YOU are the niche! YOU are the category!


You're not the reader. You're the writer. Writing for the reader. you! It couldn't be more simple.

When you realize that you are the category of 1, you have a monopoly on the entire market. No one will ever be able to compete with your unique knowledge and experience because as I just said, it's unique.

Come up with your own moniker or made-up label. Here's what I choose:

For Twitter → Thought Monetization Junkie

For LinkedIn → Thought Monetization Specialist

Different platform, different audience... 😂

🎁 In Summary

One thing's clear.

We want to attract the right readers. By using writing that's "magnetic" we can make sure that we're effective in doing so.

Here's an overview of what we covered:

  • Use hooks to catch the right fish
  • Use personal experience to strengthen the bond
  • Use a combination of concepts to provoke the proper reader

Magnetic writing isn't just about copywriting (there's a reason I left it out).

You don't need facts, figures, or formulas, you just need good writing quality and solid life stories.

Write like you're texting your best friend...

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Written by
Joseph Seifert
Solopreneur → Writing my basket of businesses. Teaching the art of Thought Monetization.
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