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TPP #020: Strategies That'll Supercharge Your Newsletter Growth

TPP #020: Strategies That'll Supercharge Your Newsletter Growth
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So in the past 50 days or so, I've added more than 280 Twitter followers.

Some people think that's the greatest feat in the world. Then again, some people think it means less than a penny to a millionaire.

I think it's pretty dang awesome!

But that's not even the cool part. The part that is worth mentioning is my newsletter conversion rate.

I turned 40 out of 280 into newsletter subscribers.

My 14% conversion rate got me thinking.

Twitter really is an incredible asset for creators. It does a number of things:

  • Validates ideas
  • Attracts attention
  • Connects like minds

They're imperative aspects of any thriving content business, and for mine, the newsletter sits at the heart.

Today, I'm sharing how I grow my lovely (little) list! I hope this helps...

Strategy 1 → Pre-CTA

As you know, this email comes out on Saturday.

So what do I do every Friday? I tell you! With my "pre-newsletter CTA."

The goal of this is to generate hype.

I use this post to inform my audience. I tell them what's about to go down.

(It sounds more epic than it is).

Essentially, this is a last-ditch effort to get someone on the list before the issue is released. It works well for me and I think you should give it a shot!

Strategy 2 → Post-CTA

Can you guess how this one works?

Kudos if you can. It acts the same as the "pre-newsletter CTA," except instead of the day before, it comes out the day after the newsletter.

We want to create FOMO. Tell them what they missed!

Here's how I like to do it.

Don't forget to plug the link in (or under) both of these posts!

That's how they'll physically go and sign up.

Strategy 3 → Recurring Post

I don't see a lot of people using this strategy.

And when Hypefury prompted me to start using the "Recurring Post" feature, I knew exactly how I'd use it to my advantage.

And you don't need a content scheduler for this, so don't worry.

Every single time your newsletter is published, head to your favorite social media channel. What do you think I'm about to tell you to do?

Tell them your newsletter just went live! This will complete our "trifecta."

One CTA the day before, one the day of, and one the following day!

It's perfect.

Here's what mine looks like (this doesn't change for me).

I like to use some clever copy here.

You can be the judge of whether mine is actually clever or not.

Strategy 4 → "Here's a quote"

I started using this recently.

Once in a while, I sprinkle in a Tweet or two that shares a quote from my newsletter. It's an easy way to tell people that you have one.

Pick the most insightful sentence from your letter and share it with your audience! There's a solid chance that this inspires them to sign-up, so don't overlook it!

Strategy 5 → Timeline Mentions

A common strategy for the growth addict in us is commenting.

As I'm sure you know, commenting under larger accounts lets us "borrow" their audience, which puts more eyes on our content. Great.

Now, what if you mentioned the fact that you write a weekly newsletter?

I do it all the time.

Who knows. Here's what I think when I mention it:

→ Maybe that convinces someone to click on my profile.
→ Maybe that urges them to consume my content.
→ Maybe they find value and subscribe!

You never know what will provoke someone to sign up for your list. That's why it's imperative to talk about it!

If you never mention it, how will they know?

Strategy 6 → Revue Fields

This one is Twitter-specific.

If you're on Twitter (which most of us are) and happen to run a weekly newsletter (which a lot of us do) then I have an incredible opportunity for you.

But it starts with an issue.

On Twitter, you can actually use the Revue card to perfectly present your newsletter to profile visitors. But that's where we encounter the issue.

Not everyone wants to use Revue!

So I have a solution. It's secretive and it's smart. This is what the big boys do to drive savage newsletter growth. And the best part?

It's automated.

So here's what you do. If you go into Revue (from Twitter) and fill out the information fields, you can present your newsletter the way most people have it on their profile. It looks great.

But, the newsletter isn't actually hosted there. If you request API access, you can set up automation from Zapier that sends the email addresses to wherever you host your newsletter.

It's pure genius.

Update: Revue has now been shut down...

🎁 In Summary

There are tons of ways to scale a weekly newsletter.

In fact, these strategies can be used on any social media platform!

I've found the most success with Twitter. Here they are again:

  • Pre-newsletter CTA
  • Post-newsletter CTA
  • Recurring Posts
  • "Here's a quote"
  • Timeline Mentions
  • Revue Fields

If you use these methods and find some luck, let me know!

I hope this gave you some value. If you'd like to see this in Twitter thread form, check that out here.

See you again next week!

Whenever you’re ready, there are 2 next steps:

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