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TPP #017: Artificial Intelligence Will Invade the Digital Writing Community. Here's What to Know.

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I'm curious to know if you've been paying attention to the AI scene at all.

Artificial intelligence.

You know, the thing that's supposed to take over the world and enslave us all?

Yeah, that.

I've noticed a bit more buzz about it than normal.

It raises a few questions for me (as a digital writer) looking to make a living from my laptop. I ask myself questions like:

Am I gonna be replaced?
Will people read AI-generated content?
Is my human brain gonna be completely worthless?

They're valid inquiries...

So, in today's issue, I'll attempt to comfort those of you who tend to have the same thought process as I. If I'm honest, it's quite scary...


❌ There's No Doubt About It

I have no doubt, this is coming.

No. Scratch that. It's already here.

In case you didn't know, AI bots are currently crushing writers with their bare...


And I wouldn't be surprised if most of us have already read something that was written with AI.


Even tools like TweetHunter (the content scheduler) use artificial intelligence. It's pretty darn good too, I used it over the summer and loved it.

I'll (quickly) explain how it works.

Based on your pre-selected categories and written data from your content, the AI will generate Tweets for you. The crazy part is, it actually sort of sounds like me.

Pretty wild.

Anyway, a lot of what comes out of the AI isn't amazing, but what it does do, is prompt me to spruce up what it was trying to say.

That's basically the point we're at right now, but it's getting better every single day. With more data, they'll only get stronger.

Like what is this, a sci-fi movie? Sure feels like it.

🗣 Prompting

Prompts are super helpful.

Think about it this way.

Would you rather start with an outline?
Or write a post from scratch?

Having a good starting point makes the writing process much more efficient.

And AI is pretty good at pointing us in the right direction.

I found an awesome Tweet this week:

Don't you see how simple this gets when we're prompted with some solid inspiration? It even tells you what to do (use bullets and end with a strong takeaway)!

Pretty cool if you ask me.

Now imagine how crazy this could get if the artificial intelligence could conjure topics that it knows get a lot of engagement.

You'd hardly have to do any heavy lifting!

🔮 The Future

I'm 100% sure that artificial intelligence is going to destroy the careers of certain writers.

But not because it will take over their jobs.

They'll immediately see this and go "Okay, I'm finished, no point in continuing."

It's sad, but I believe it to be true.

The writers who see this as an opportunity to flourish and take advantage of the amazing capabilities that AI provides will be the writers who go on to develop influence in their niche.

They'll be the ones to win.

Because they didn't shy away from a bump in the road. A chink in the armor.

So it ultimately poses the question for us...

Will you fight through this modern era of writing?
Will you take advantage of what AI brings to the table?
Will you be one of the few writers who keeps on keepin' on?

If you've answered yes to those, I believe in you...

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Written by
Joseph Seifert
Solopreneur → Writing my basket of businesses. Teaching the art of Thought Monetization.
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