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TPP #008: How (And Why) You Should Engage To Grow On Twitter

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The power of an audience is real.

The thing is, not everyone treats them the same. Especially on Twitter.

Some choose it for fun, some choose it for education. But me?

I choose it for business…

There’s an insane amount of opportunity on Twitter right now. There has been for a while. And if things keep going the way they’re headed, there’ll be plenty more.

Do you know how many people use Twitter?

I put it in the description of my freelancing gig. It’s pretty darn close to 300,000,000. That's 300 million.

That means a ton of potential:

  • Reach
  • Influence
  • Clients
  • Mentors
  • Investors
  • Sales

And much, much more. And the price you pay to build it? Non-existent.

Twitter’s free!

If you decide to stick around, you’ll get the blueprint I use to grow my audience and set the stage for the work that I do. This can snowball, you’ll see.

❓Why Engage On Twitter?

Allow me. I present forth the evidence.

This is why you engage on Twitter:

  • 7,500 impressions
  • 200+ total engagements
  • 165 profile clicks

1 Tweet (comment).

It’s crazy, I know. 165 profile clicks? I probably gained over 10 followers from that! And all I did was leave a comment on a Tweet from some internet friend!

This is why you need to be engaging daily, and putting yourself out there in the “Twitterverse.” It’s one of the most lucrative spaces right now if you’re trying to grow any type of business.

The attention is there. You already knew that. I told you about the 300 million.

The essence of this strategy works because it allows us to “borrow an audience.” We can interact with people who have already built their influence. The ones who have done what we’re trying to do.

When you put yourself out there, magical things can happen. The impressive stats didn’t stop at my Tweet either. When my internet friend responded to me, his response alone earned almost 200 engagements.

Engaging on Twitter is exactly like buying lottery tickets.

The more you buy, the bigger chance you have to win. So go comment on someone who has authority. You’re about to find out how (it’s a 2-step process).

1️⃣ Find niche-related accounts

Who’s playing the game the way you want to?

That’s what you need to ask yourself. The bigger the better. The accounts you choose should have dedicated followers that are passionate about the niche.

You might think it’s best to find the biggest account you can and mass comment.

While that may get you some extra eyeballs, it doesn’t do all that much for us. We need to find accounts that are directly related to our niche so that their (niche-related) followers can see our comments and in turn follow us.

It’s important to consider, however, that people have multiple interests. For example, a well-known creator by the name of Justin Welsh talks about SaaS and startups, but he also speaks on copywriting and content creation.

That means that many of his followers might be interested in a slew of topics that might match ours. Accounts like that are great too.

So, make a list of accounts that fit the bill and comment mercilessly.

But you can’t just say anything. I’m gonna teach you how to do this so that you get the same results as I did.

2️⃣ Add something of value

Twitter is a conversation.

And a Tweet? It’s the start. The key to making the most of this strategy is continuing that conversation. You have to provide something of value.

I say it all the time (and others do too), but allow me to explain.

Providing value doesn’t only mean that you have to teach someone something. You can do a number of things:

  • Give personal experience
  • Make people laugh
  • Tell a story

It’s up to you. Thinking of it like a group chat is a great way to get good at this.

Let’s say you found yourself in a group chat with some famous people (which is really the essence of Twitter). If that’s too scary to ponder, think of being in a high school group chat with the “cool kids.”

You wouldn’t say something stupid and invaluable would you? Probably not.

So don’t do it on Twitter! If you come across a Tweet that doesn’t spark your interest, you don’t have to comment on it. I'm always skipping some.

The higher the quality of your responses, the higher quantity of new followers you will see. Remember. Doing this daily is super effective.

The best part is, that the ball’s in your court. It’s up to you to engage, so get to it!

🎁 In Summary

If you want to grow on Twitter, you have to engage.

Here’s the 2-step process:

  1. Find niche-related accounts
  2. Add something of value

The result will be more impressions, more engagement, and last but not least, more followers. That’s what we want.

Good luck!

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Written by
Joseph Seifert
Solopreneur → Writing my basket of businesses. Teaching the art of Thought Monetization.
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