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TPP #007: How To Become A Professional Content Mixer (My New System That Works)

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In today’s issue, I’m giving you the secrets of content creation.

It’s more of a strategy. A system. One that I use to batch out content for the weeks to come. And it all starts with a Tweet.

But why?

What does a Tweet have to do with anything? Typically, they tend to be blurbs of nothing. Complete and utter garbage.

But, if done right?

They’re the most powerful writing tool on the planet. With the potential to upset the balance of any digital writing business. Including mine.

In short, Tweets are a game changer. They’re a message. Condensed into the smallest of forms. And that’s why they’re great.

Because each Tweet is an idea.

And as you may know (or will soon find out), ideas can be remixed into several pieces of content. Giving you more reach, influence, and potential revenue.

Great. Now let’s get to the system.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  1. Mass-produce Tweets (2x/day)
  2. Schedule the best for LinkedIn (1x/day)
  3. Think about threads (1x/week)
  4. Thread → Article

This process is exactly how I appear in multiple places at once.

They said it couldn’t be done. I say it’s worth a shot.

Hope this helps.

1️⃣ Mass-produce Tweets

There’s a rule when it comes to Tweets. Everyone loves to regurgitate it:

“You gotta provide value bro.”

It might be getting old, but it doesn’t get any less true. Our Tweets need to actively engage the audience.

They must:

  • Educate
  • Motivate
  • Entertain
  • Empathize
  • Provoke
  • Polarize

Or something else along these lines. Ask a question. Do something.

We can’t just come out with random thoughts. 2012 was a decade ago. It’s okay to share what you’re feeling, but telling us that you just spilled your coffee on your laptop just isn’t doing a whole lot.

Ideally, each Tweet is well thought out, with a clear form of “value creation,” as the Twitter bros love to say. It should be its own standalone idea.

That’s what we want. But again. Why?

Because that’s how we’re moving to step two. Prepare to become the professional content mixer you always knew you could be.

2️⃣ Schedule the Best for LinkedIn

I like to schedule at least 2 Tweets per day.

Usually, one will stand out to me. This is a very simple process. Head over to your Twitter analytics, and check to see which Tweet got more likes, replies, retweets, or any other type of beneficial engagement.

We’re gonna post that one on LinkedIn.

But not exactly like we did on Twitter. This isn't a mere copy and paste. We’re taking that whole “idea” and packaging it into a way that works for the platform.

The people of LinkedIn like stories. They like emotion. Plus, you get to play around with the editor way more than you can with Twitter. There’s just more space.

My Tweets and LinkedIn posts are still rather similar, however.

The main box I try to tick is nailing the content “above the fold.” That means everything the viewer see’s before they need to click “see more.”

In basic terms, we want to hook people with the content that’s above the fold so they’re drawn to see more. Literally (we want them to click that button).

So, structure it in a way that manipulates the white space. The “see more” button appears at the 5th line of content. Take advantage of it!

On to step 3.

3️⃣ Think About Threads

This is the bridge.

The one that connects content from short-form to long-form. We need to ask ourselves: Can this become a thread?

Look at your Twitter and LinkedIn posts. It’s important to decide whether or not this idea can be used in a longer format. If the piece of content had a higher engagement rate, it might be a good idea to turn it into a thread.

Twitter threads work well with the algorithm so they may see more action.

But how does this fit into LinkedIn? I’ll tell you.

LinkedIn has a carousel feature, where you can post multiple images together. Since posts with images do better than text-only, you could post your thread from Twitter on LinkedIn as a carousel post. It may be more effective than if you just copy and paste the thread into the editor.

Threads are a great way to dive deeper into a topic and highlight some details.

This brings us to step 4.

4️⃣ Thread → Article

Look at your thread.

Now that we’ve filtered a single idea from a tweet, all the way to a thread, we’re left with a skeleton. A skeleton of an article!

Can’t you see?

A thread is merely a distillation of a blog post! So, that allows us to work backward and expand on the thread! Perfect.

After you write the article, I recommend it be posted on Medium. If you can join the partner program, they’ll pay you for writing. My entire digital publishing career was built by Medium at one point.

Give it a shot!

(If you don’t like Medium, you can post to a self-hosted blog where you go for traffic and monetize it with ads).

🧠 Final Thoughts

The goal for you is not to take this strategy word for word.

Take the content remixing strategies you’ve learned and make it your own! What matters most is that it works well for you.

In my case, I’m thinking about implementing automatic Instagram posts. So, when a Tweet does well (1 out of the 2 each day), I can post it on LinkedIn AND Instagram.


You can also decide how much you want to post on each platform, each day. Maybe you want to do 3 Twitter posts for a better chance of going viral. Up to you.

Here’s what matters. Growing your:

  • Reach
  • Influence
  • Revenue

Remember those three: Reach, Influence, and Revenue.

They matter.

🎁 In Summary

If you want to become a professional content mixer…

Do this:

  1. Mass produce Tweets. 2 per day.
  2. Take the best one and post it somewhere else.
  3. Can that be turned into a thread? Ask yourself.
  4. After you do that, write the article and monetize.

This is my system. And I'm constantly tinkering.

Find what works for you, or steal this one (I don’t mind).

Good luck!

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Joseph Seifert
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