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TPP #002: The Only Copywriting Formula You Need For Unlimited Attention

TPP #002: The Only Copywriting Formula You Need For Unlimited Attention
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In today’s issue, I'll be sharing my favorite copywriting formula of all time.

But first, what’s the point of using it anyway?

To get the reader to the next line.

That way, they’ll actually hear what you have to say (big win) and eventually find your call-to-action. Then they follow through (bigger win)!

Of the countless copywriting strategies, I've chosen this one for a specific reason.

It’s so simply successful that anyone can use it. Even your grandma. Although, she might not be selling what your customers are buying (sorry grandma).

Without further ado.

Here it is: AIDA.

I know it looks (and sounds) a bit silly. But let me reassure you, it’s far from it. Use this and you’ll be sounding and selling like a pro. Instantly.

It’s time to make some money writing…


Watch this…

Have you ever struggled to make money writing?

Because I’m pretty sure that everyone has at one point in time. Here's the problem. You aren’t focusing enough on the reader.

But I have a solution!

Instead of “me, me, me,” it’s gotta be “you, you, you.” Readers resonate with that. Trust me.

When you can resonate with readers, they build trust, loyalty, and want to form a relationship with you. As a writer, it's exactly what we want because when we gain their trust, we have their wallet. But we aren’t going to steal from our readers.

We’re going to convince them to buy!

So, go get my guide and start learning today!

Did you see that? Did you see how I kept your attention? Hopefully, I was able to.

I was using AIDA the entire time and I’m about to show you how.

Let’s break it down.


“Have you ever struggled to make money writing?”

As you can see, I started with a question. This is a great way to grab your readers’ attention because they naturally look for an answer when provoked with an ask.

And if they can’t find one themselves? They keep reading to discover. Perfect.


“But I have a solution.”

After I got their attention, I presented a solution (which is interesting because it might solve their problem). And then I actually gave them the value.

That’s very important.

If you tell them you have their solution and withhold it, they click off.

That’s not what we want.


“…they build trust, loyalty, and want to form a relationship with you.”

I wanna ask. What did I do here?

(I'll tell you).

I told them the benefits. The good things. What they’ll receive from implementing the solution.

It’s natural human psychology to desire something “good.” Also, they’ll keep reading for more. Even better.


“So, go get my guide and start learning today!”

This is the important part. I know it’s pretty cheesy, but it was just for informative purposes (I’m talking about the CTA).

Call to action.

Your CTA is where you actually get your reader to act. To click that button. To buy your product.

It’s the whole reason you wrote all of the copy in the first place! And this is where you make the money.

❓How’d you like it?

Now that you’ve seen AIDA in action, I’d like you to try it for yourself.

The thing is, you can use AIDA for anything! Blog posts, Twitter threads, TikToks, and any other forms of social media selling!

You can even use this to get a job! Heck, even a girlfriend! Think about it.

Using a copywriting formula is literally just a series of psychology metrics. Next time you want something, use this to get it.

I promise it won’t let you down!

🎁 In Summary

How to use AIDA - Attention, Interest, Desire, Action:

  • Attention: Ask a question, post a picture, and get their attention!
  • Interest: Present a solution, help them, and get them interested!
  • Desire: Show the benefits, the good things, and get them wanting!
  • Action: Strategically place your CTA and get them to buy from you!

Simple. Easy. Effective...

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Written by
Joseph Seifert
Solopreneur → Writing my basket of businesses. Teaching the art of Thought Monetization.
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