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Social Media 101: Building Your Brand as a Digital Writer

Social Media 101: Building Your Brand as a Digital Writer

Let's be real.

Most writers fail to succeed at writing online. They go from consuming, to creating, and right back to consuming. It's a vicious, unrewarding cycle.

Here's the bottom line: You must know how to write.

Luckily, I've written a 3,000-word guide helping aspiring digital writers (like you) master the craft. After reading that, you're ready to build your brand. It's time to unleash that hidden potential with the world's loudest microphone.

Social Media

And let's face it, digital writing isn't what it used to be.

In the past, you needed a blog. You were forced to post into oblivion. Straight into the void. Hearing crickets for countless:

→ Days
→ Weeks
→ Months

Dare I say... Years?

Well not anymore. Now, you can go to the audience with your digital writing dexterity. And I'm about to share exactly how.

Buckle up.

🥇 First Things First

Your brand-building efforts fall into 3 main buckets:

  • Attention
  • Retention
  • Monetization

They must be filled in the order you see them presented.

If not? It's all out of whack, and chaos will ensue. I'm warning you now, do this out of order and you'll stunt your success in a major way.

No one wants that.

So let's get learning...

🪣 Bucket 1 → Attention

I'll admit it.

Without attention, there is no brand. You need eyes on your work. It's the only way to be seen in a world full of trends and TikToks.

This brings us to the bad news: As text-based creators, we writers have it harder.

With that said, it's never been easier to succeed in the digital landscape. That's the good news. But you must listen closely.

The best way to gain attention is through platforms that attract readers.

Here are my 3 favorites:

  • Twitter
  • Medium
  • LinkedIn

Twitter and LinkedIn are best for short-form writers, and Medium is best for you long-form junkies out there. I write on all three and suggest you do the same.

They'll each teach you something valuable on your digital writing journey.

🪣 Bucket 2 → Retention

Welcome to level two.

Once you've attracted attention from the masses, it's time to divert it. And if I'm being honest? There's only so much punch we can pack with social media.

A Tweet only scratches the surface.
A LinkedIn post only goes so far.
A Medium article, a bit better.

The key here is this: Long-form resonates.

But not just any long form. Going with the Medium argument, if a reader finds your article (and loves it) they clap or comment, without ever returning.

You don't "own" that reader.

But what you can own, is an email list.

I'm talking about a weekly newsletter...

With a weekly newsletter, you can take your most dedicated fans, and create a whole new level of trust between you both.

On top of the resonating nature of long-form content, you can be:

  • More personal
  • More educational
  • More interconnected

It truly is a beautiful thing. And not only because you can make a greater impact on them, but you can make a greater impact on yourself, through monetization.

That's what's next.

🪣 Bucket 3 → Monetization

Here's the best part about monetizing a weekly newsletter.

You can keep it free for the reader and still make boatloads of money. There are several different ways, but I'll quickly cover the 2 most popular:

  • Sponsorships
  • Digital assets

A large list of emails—that is hungry for niche content—can be wildly valuable not only to you but to companies and businesses who'd benefit from marketing to it.

Let's say you write about graphic design. A company like Canva of Figma would love to get exposure from that list, wouldn't you say?

That's your edge.

Leveraging sponsorships on your (free) weekly newsletter goes a long way. It's scalable revenue, depending on the growth of your list.

The other option is digital asset promotion.

You can market your own products and services to the dedicated audience you've so passionately cultivated. After all, they've gained trust in you.

Which means they're more willing to open their wallet.

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